Frequent Questions

How long are the rotations?

Rotations vary in length but are generally between 6-9 months long.

We've found this is the minimum amount of time to allow for ramp up time and enough runway for candidates to take on substantive pieces of work.

How many rotations can I go on?

You can experience as many or as few rotations as you like!

If you fall in love with your first rotation, that's great! If instead, you want to continue exploring or even take a break to explore another passion, you can and should do that too. Opus is meant to be completely flexible to fit everyone's unique needs.

How does the interview process work?

Once you express interest in a rotation through the web portal, we will reach out to you if the company wants to set up an interview.

Each company has their own interview process, which can vary in length from a few phone screens, to multiple in person interviews.

What will my compensation be?

Compensation is set individually with each employer and rotation. Generally, base salaries are competitive with analogous full-time roles.

Will I get healthcare benefits on rotation?

Yes, most companies will still provide healthcare benefits, although the specific benefits should be discussed with each empoyer.

Am I guaranteed a full time role at the end of a rotation?

The great thing about rotations is providing optionality on both ends. This means that at the end of a rotation, you're free to continue exploring your career path at another company, but employers also decide whether or not to extend a full time offer.

Most companies that we're partnering with are hoping for a great full time fit, though everyone's needs are different.

I'm planning on going to Business School in the next year - can I still do a rotation?

Of course! Just sign up with us to see which rotations fit within your timeframe, and then be sure to note your future committment. We'll only match you with companies that understand your timeline.

What types of roles and companies do you have rotations with?

We partner with a diverse set of companies to offer roles across functions and geographies. Sign up today to check out our current opportunities!

What background do I need in order to join?

We currently work with consultants and investment bankers who have 1-4 years of experience and are exploring next steps. If your background is outside of that, feel free to still join and see if there might be a fit!

Where are your rotations located?

Most of our rotations are located across the US, however many of our company partners are global or multinational companies, and we are even starting to curate international roles as well!

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