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Opus Search

We work extensively with candidates from top business backgrounds and help them find opportunities at startups in the US and beyond. We partner with a wide range of fast growing companies to help them scale and grow their teams effectively.

Spearheading a new approach to talent attraction and engagement

Cross-company rotations

In addition to full-time recruiting, we've established ourselves as a pioneer in building out the world's first cross-company rotational program. We provide the optionality to hire candidates on a try-before-you-buy basis, ensuring that there is a true mutual match on both ends before making a long term commitment.

Specialized talent

We are an industry leading recruiter when it comes to placing former management consultants, investment bankers, and VC associates into the startup space.

2 week promise

We never give up on looking for that perfect candidate. It is our goal to always have fully vetted, top tier, candidates to share with you within 14 days of us kicking off a search.

Dedicated partner

Whether it is helping you identify target profiles for a role, or advising you on salary bands, or helping you craft a strategy for obtaining top talent -- We're here with you all the way.

Global Presence

Hiring for an international office? No problem - we have a network of candidates interested in roles all across the world.

Flexible hiring

We work extensively with both candidates and clients to offer flexible hiring solutions to both parties. Do you have a short term project need? Do you want to operate on a try-before-you-buy model? We're well equipped to fulfill all of those needs.

Money back guarantee

All of our contracts include a 60 day money back guarantee. If a hire doesn't work out; you get a full refund on our fees, no questions asked.

Sample partners

Opus in the news

"There are nonprofits, Fortune 500 companies, remote work overseas, opportunities opening up with flex work ... We have a lot more options to choose from, but not necessarily more choices to make."

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Fast Company

Opus in the news

"The goal is to craft a role with a partner company that will allow the young professional to obtain experience and contribute in a meaningful way.""

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Opus in the news

"Every career reinvention isn't going to be a slam dunk, but the new platform Opus is helping minimize those risks."

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Inc. Magazine

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